Tunnel of love, Klevan, Ukraine


Do you know how the natural express love? 這條翠綠的路軌位於烏克蘭的 Klevan(烏克蘭文: Клевань)市約7公里處,當地人稱呼為 ” 愛的隧道” (俄文: Тоннель любви)。每到溫暖的季節, 樹木互相依傍生長, 形成童話一樣的世界。假約有一天經過, 請你走下路軌, 大刺刺地感受愛吧!

The lush green train tunnel is located in town Klevan (Ukrainian: Клевань) in Rivne Oblast region, Ukraine, approximately 7 kilometers from the city Klevan. The locals call it ” Tunnel of love ” (Russian: Тоннель любви).  In warm season,  the trees planted next to each other to form a fairy green tunnel along one kilometer long section of the railway.  One day when you pass through, please stop and feel freely with the language of love!

此處現時為一家開採木場用來運送木材的路軌,但並不多用,路軌分開2段,一段去Оржівський деревообробний комбінат (ОДЕК)工場, 一段去RTB (РТБ )。

This is an industrial track for wooden work but not often use. The track divides into two branches, one to the factory and the other to the RTB (РТБ ). It drove train with wood to the factory “Оржівський деревообробний комбінат (ОДЕК)”.


When you are in Klevan, go toward the forest, and walk along the track and the tunnel of love is waiting for you.

經緯度 longitude & latitude : 50°45’3″N 26°2’50″E

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